Aid to the victims of Chester’s violent crime

Although Chester has struggled with criminal activity, there is hope for the city in the form of the The Crime Victim’s Center of Chester County, or CVC, and The Rape Crisis Center of Chester County. The CVC has given invaluable assistance to the many innocent  individuals in Chester who have suffered because of the city’s criminal activity and helps them to rebuild their lives in the aftermath of violent and/or traumatizing incidents of rape and abuse. According to their official website:

“Services are provided regardless of the criminal justice system’s ability or the victim’s desire to have the case prosecuted, and, if it is prosecuted, regardless of what court it is prosecuted in: juvenile, district court, county, state or federal court.”

The organization is committed to helping innocent victims rather than providing a means of trying to punish offenders, avoiding judicial interference in the lives of the victims.

Services include notifying victims upon the release of their attacker from prison or parole, assistance with financial recovery, and many more that help to really improve the lives of the victims of violent crime and rape.

Survivors’ Space” on the CVC site is a collection of personal stories from the victims. These tales are both harrowing and insightful, offering clearer view into how violent crime can affect the lives of Chester Residents. The section also has several links on information to other useful organizations such as the Center for Disease Control National HIV/AIDS Hotline,  Compassionate Friends Organization, and many more.

Funding the CVC in addition to Chester’s many churches and homeless shelters help the residents of Chester to overcome their city’s criminal problems.