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Top 10 Higher Education IT Trends

EDUCAUSE is higher education’s information technology (IT) professional organization. Each year they create a list of the top 10 IT issues facing institutions. This year’s version was revealed at the annual conference last week. There were three main areas of focus:

Leading with Wisdom

This topic covers two main issues: planning and staffing. Because every campus department has technology needs and issues, IT leadership needs to be fully involved with institutional strategic planning. To retain and attract talent, IT leaders need to be flexible with workplace structures and rules and have humility and candor.

The Ultra-Intelligent Institution

The use of data and analytics is a huge topic, especially at big schools. The issues in this area cover the use and analysis of data to guide students through the educational process to improve retention and student learning as well as make schools more efficient. In addition, because data plays such an important role, everyone at a school needs to be aware of IT privacy and security issues.

Everything is Anyware

As more college employees work remotely and schools offer hybrid or remote classes, IT services need to support the different ways of working, teaching, and learning. There are more and more outside technology services available to support these needs and IT leadership must figure out the costs and risks of different products.

More Details

For the full details see the EDUCAUSE Top 10 IT Issues page.

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