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Faculty Website Options

Are you looking for a way to build a website for your academic research or online CV? If so, Swarthmore ITS has several options available for faculty.

Types of Faculty Websites

From generally less technical/time-consuming to more technical/time-consuming:

Profile page in Drupal

The main college website is run on a system called Drupal.  All college employees get a profile page.  After logging in to Drupal, you can edit your profile page, adding the typical content of a faculty page (CV, biography, courses, publications, etc). 

Some examples:   

A link to this profile shows up automatically on the faculty-staff page of the department.

This is a nice, quick way to add typical content.  ITS takes care of all the theming, so the page matches the college style.  As time goes by, the site navigation and appearance will be updated, so you only need to worry about the content, not the appearance of the site. 

Learn more about editing Drupal profile pages

Mini Website using Drupal

It is possible to create a faculty website within Drupal that would let the faculty member create multiple pages of content and adjust the layout of the pages.  This makes it easy to focus on the content of the site without worrying about the theme. 

Some examples:

If you like the idea of using the Drupal profile but want to have more than a single page, this is a good option.  

Domain of One’s Own

Domain Of One’s Own is a service that allows faculty, and students working with faculty on academic projects for class, research, or e-portfolios to claim a free domain name (web address) and start building their own unique website. You can use such apps as WordPress, Omeka, and Scalar to create your own website.

Some examples:

If you are in a limited-term position (e.g. leave replacement), you have the option of purchasing the website for a small fee through our service provider.

Learn more about setting up a Domain of One’s Own website.

Learn More

If you’re interested in learning more about these options, please get in touch with your Academic Technologist by emailing us at