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Collect and Grade Assignments with Gradescope

Swarthmore faculty now have full access to use Gradescope to collect and grade homework and exams. Gradescope can be used with paper, online, or programming assessments and is designed to reduce the time and effort needed for instructors to grade and provide feedback.

Gradescope may be especially useful for faculty that want to:

  • Give a paper exam and are looking for faster or more flexible grading options, including the ability to easily revise scores and improve consistency
  • Analyze data on student performance for each question
  • Distribute work to student graders

Gradescope is less compelling for work that requires extensive commenting or handwritten feedback such as a 10 page paper.

If you don’t yet have a Gradescope account, you can log in with your Swarthmore account on their website. To help you get started, there are short videos and a Help Center. The Getting Started with Gradescope video gives an overview of the service.

Gradescope also hosts weekly workshops on Thursdays at 12pm eastern time that include a quick walkthrough of the platform and information on how to get the most out of Gradescope.

We’ve linked Moodle to Gradescope to make it easy to sync your class roster with Gradescope. See our Connecting Gradescope to Moodle help page to set up the roster sync. More complete information is available on the Using Gradescope with Moodle as an Instructor Gradescope help page.