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Sharing Panopto Videos With Students Who Need to Miss Class?

If you have to record one or more of your classes for students who may be in isolation or quarantine, you can share your videos with your students through the Zoom integration with Panopto or the Panopto recorder application installed on the classroom computer.

Recording Using Zoom

If you record your in-person class using Zoom, you can select “record to the cloud” for the recording to automatically show up in your private Panopto folder. By default, Panopto will save Zoom cloud recordings to your “My Folder” in a subfolder called “Meeting Recordings.”

screenshot of a Zoom toolbar with the record button highlighted
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Recording Using the Panopto Recorder Application

Each classroom has a built-in computer with the Panopto recorder application already installed. If you’re recording using the Panopto application, make sure to configure your settings to record to the correct folder. Panopto may default to your “My Folder” but it is always good to double-check.

screenshot of the Panopto recorder app. The video camera display is showing on the right with a picture of a woman with blonde hair. In the middle is a picture of a crowd of people alongside a block of text on a PowerPoint slide. The image has highlighted the folder dropdown menu.
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Sharing Panopto Videos With Specific People

If you’ve recorded videos for your absent students using Zoom or the Panopto application, you can restrict viewing access to the video by only sharing with the students who’ve missed class.

In order to share your Panopto video with specific students, hover over the video and click the “share” button.

Screenshot of a Panopto video thumbnail with the share button highlighted.

Set Up Video Sharing Settings

Under the “People and groups” section, type in the email address of the student you’d like to share your video with. At the bottom, under the “Who can access this video” section, make sure it says “Only specific people and groups.”

Panopto video share settings menu
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Share the Video With a Link 

After you’ve selected who you’d like to share your video with, you can copy the link to the video by clicking the “Copy Link” button at the bottom right. You can then paste the link to the video in an email to the student.

Panopto share setting menu under the who has access section. The Copy link button is highlighted.
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Learn More

There are several different video sharing options you have with Panopto. To learn more, feel free to reach out to our Academic Technology team by contacting us through You can also read some of Panopto’s support pages using the links below.