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Quick Screen Captures with Snagit

When you need to quickly capture your screen, including capturing all of a long or wide web page, or create a short video, or even convert a short video into an animated GIF without a lot of fuss, then Snagit is the tool for you.

Snagit screen in action

Why use Snagit when we also have access to Camtasia? Snagit is much simpler to use, and is really designed for capturing and annotating quickly. If you just need to capture a web page, for example a form, and create annotations with directions to how to fill it out most effectively, then Snagit is the best tool. Or when you need to convert a short video to an animated GIF for your social media streams, then Snagit is the best option. When you need to create longer video tutorials, or edit captured lectures, for example to add captions, that’s when you should turn to Camtasia.

Snagit can capture your screen, including extended length or width of the open windows of a web page, or application, using its panoramic capture capability. It has dynamic selection tools for both selecting areas to capture, and for editing the captured content once you’ve got it. You can easily blur sensitive information on a captured image, or eliminate it entirely with dynamic fill of the background when you need to demonstrate more generic versions of things for demonstration purposes. And then Snagit lets you save the content in any number of formats for sharing or for inclusion in a larger presentation or project.

If you’re working on a web page mockup, Snagit could be the perfect tool to quickly create the look and feel of the site you want, or the modifications of an existing site that would make it clearer to the folks you’re working with, what you’re going for, or how the navigation of that site should work.

There are several ways to learn about Snagit, including through LinkedInLearning as well as directly through the Tutorials for Snagit on the web site.

For more information about Snagit at Swarthmore, and to get a license (for faculty & staff), please contact Doug Willen (, 610-328-7787).