Illustration of woman sitting at desk with laptop in front of her. There are icons of a microphone, speaker, and film strip surrounding her.

Using Camtasia for Educational Videos

Camtasia is a software application that records anything on your desktop screen including images, video, and audio. 

It’s very user-friendly and provides a robust set of editing tools that allow you to annotate a video with different shapes, arrows, and text all while capturing your voice. It also provides the option of adding captions as well. Faculty and staff can download Camtasia from our software page and use it to create simple screencast videos for the purpose of blended learning, giving feedback on assignments, or creating a warm welcome video for a course.

Due to licensing limits, students cannot download the full version of Camtasia onto their computers, but they can use Camtasia on the computers in the Beardsley Media Center and the Kohlberg Language Center. Students have often used Camtasia for creative assignments such as video analysis projects and video essays.

If you or your students would like to learn more about Camtasia, take a look at the LinkedIn Learning video below. Of course, if you would like a hands-on workshop for you or your class, feel free to reach out to us at


Creating videos with Camtasia from Camtasia 2018 for Mac Essential Training by Corbin Anderson