Free APIs you can use to generate fake data

This post is more for the developers out there, but those working with data in general may find it useful or interesting.

There are often times in development where you simply need to generate some data. Well, that’s where fake data APIs come in! Here are some of my favorites:

The Dog API

The Dog API can be used to retrieve images of dogs. One of the cool things about this API is that you can specify what breed of dog you are looking for. The project maintainers are also accepting requests for new dogs!

Cat as a service (CATAAS)

Maybe you aren’t a dog person, well the CATAAS API might be for you. The CATAAS API provides images of cats. The API not only allows you to retrieve a random cat image, but also offers an endpoint for gifs.

The Cat API

Need a little more control over the data being returned to you? Well The Cat API allows you specify things like breed, and category. Categories allow you to search for cats in boxes, sinks, hats, and even cats in space. A downside to this API is it requires you to sign up.

Meow Facts

Looking for random cat facts? Meow facts has you covered. This API will return a random cat in response to each GET request.


Let’s talk about non-cat APIs though. The Random Fox API simply provides a random picture of a fox, and it does it well. Like the Dog API, the project maintainer is accepting new fox images.



What if you don’t like animals (or need textual data)? Well, JSONPlaceholder offers endpoints to generate frequently used data. With this API, you can generate user data, comments, posts, and more.