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Moodle Tips for Fall 2019

In a previous post, we talked about what’s new in Moodle for Fall 2019.  Here are a few additional tips to help you be a Moodle Master.


The Moodle home page dashboard and course listing have been revamped to provide more options for displaying your courses.  We have a help page that explains how to customize the page to best fit your needs.

Professors, you may want to set a course image to make your class stand out.

Autocomplete Dropdown List Not Closing

There is a Moodle bug that is causing dropdown menus for name search boxes in the Enroll users and Quickmail areas to stay open, blocking other options.  The workaround is to click in the name search box and press the Escape (esc) key.  We anticipate this will be fixed within a few weeks.

Link to Office Hours Scheduler

The updated version of the Office Hours Scheduler is available now.  Add a link to your Moodle course to allow your students to sign up for office hours, presentation slots, or even seminar breaks!  Check our help documentation for more info.

Common Start of the Semester Tasks

A list of commonly asked questions at this time of year:

Make a course available to students or guests

Add or remove enrollments

Upload multiple files or folders to a course

Copy a course from a previous semester

Merge multiple sections of a course