The end of the line for Blackboard

The Blackboard leaning management system will be shut down permanently on June 29, 2012.   Please save any materials you have on Blackboard that you would like to retain.  ITS has archived all the courses and organizations  on Blackboard and can assist with transferring your materials to Moodle, the new learning management system.

[updated 6/22/12 to include information on the Honor Exams archive]

Is Blackboard really going away?  Yes, our Blackboard license expires at the end of June 2012 and the system will be shut down and totally unavailable.

How can I save my Blackboard materials?  Use the “Export” feature in Blackboard to save your files.  Instructions for exporting a Blackboard course or organization.

How can I convert my materials from Blackboard to Moodle?  It is possible to extract files from Blackboard archives/exports and load them into the files area in Moodle.  To extract the files, use the bFree tool available from free from the University of North Carolina.   Other course resources such as quizzes, course evaluations, discussion boards, and grades cannot be imported into Moodle, so please get in touch with ITS for additional assistance with these types of items.

What about the Honors Exam archive stored on Blackboard? The Honors Exam archive has been moved to SwatFiles and will be available to faculty and students preparing for honors exams.

What is Moodle?  Moodle is Swarthmore’s new learning management system and is available at  Visit the Moodle support page for more information.

Please contact Andrew Ruether (aruethe2, x8254) or the ITS Help Desk at if you have any questions or concerns about the Blackboard shut down.