For your weekend listening (and viewing) pleasure…

Some recent podcasts and videos worth your time (IMHO)

First up, a Google hang-out with Phil Libin, CEO of Evernote and Loic Le Meur, organizer of the Le Web conferences (Phil will be a guest at the London Le Web conference this summer).

Le Web Interview with Phil Libin, CEO of Evernote

Here is his answer to the question, ‘what does it take to work for Evernote’:  “When we find people that are passionate about something, that are infatuated with something, that have mastery of that field, and that have an infectious way of communicating their passion, that’s the magic combination.”

Next, The Six Principles of High Achievement, an interview by Dr. Moira Gunn of Tech Nation with Rom Brafman, author of ‘Succeeding When You’re Supposed To Fail’.

Lastly, an interview with Alasdair Allan about Geolocation.  Of particular interest here is a project that they have going at the University of Exeter in the UK which uses a mobile phone app to track movements of people around their campus to discover how people use their spaces.