Copying Course Material in Moodle

It is easy to copy course material from one semester to another in Moodle.  To start the process, go to your new course and make sure that you have at least as many topics/weeks in your new course as your old course (otherwise all the extra material will end up at the top of your course).  If not, adjust the number under the “Settings” area.

Now click on the “Import” link in the Administration area.  From here, select the course you want to come material from and click on the “Use this course” button.  All your previous courses should be listed.

In the next screen, select the material that you would like to import.   Make sure to uncheck the “News forum” since your course already has a news forum.  You will want to make sure you include all the Course Files from your original course.

From here, just click “Continue” when prompted and make sure all the data is copied properly.

If you have additional questions about copying course material in Moodle, please get in touch with Andrew Ruether (aruethe2, x8254) in ITS.