Course Evaluations in Moodle

Moodle can be used to give anonymous course evaluations for classes.  To set up your own course evaluation, go to your course in Moodle and turn editing on.  Pick the location where you want to add the evaluation, then click on the “Add an activity . . .” pull-down menu and select “Questionnaire”.  Fill out the options as follows:

General: give the questionnaire and name and provide some summary information (e.g. “Please complete the course evaluation”)

Timing:  you can optionally specify dates and times that the course evaluation will be available to students.

Recommended options:

  • Type: Respond once
  • Respondent Type: Anonymous
  • Students can view ALL responses: Never
  • Save/Resume answers: Either choice is fine.  We suggest you select “Yes” if your evaluation is long and/or involved so that students can complete part of the evaluation, save their work, and finish the evaluation at a later time.
  • Submission grade:  If you would like to see who has and hasn’t completed the evaluation (while maintaining the anonymity of the answers), select a grade here.  A corresponding entry will be made in the grade area when the student submits a completed  course evaluation.  For example, if you select “100”, a grade of 100 will show up in the gradebook for that student for the course evaluation.  Note: if you are using the gradebook for your course grades but don’t want it to count as a participation grade, then go into the gradebook and make sure to give it zero weight.
  • Content Options: Generally you will be creating a new survey.  It is possible to copy a course evaluation from one class to another.  To copy a questionnaire, go into the course that does not have the questionnaire, click on the “Import” link on the Administration area, and select only the questionnaire you would like to copy (do not copy course files or users).

If you have additional questions about creating course evaluations in Moodle, please get in touch with Andrew Ruether (aruethe2, x8254) in ITS.