RAISE Hope for Congo

RAISE Hope for Congo

Protect & Empower Congo’s Women

In September 2008, ENOUGH will launch the RAISE Hope for Congo campaign. With the ultimate goal of protecting and empowering Congolese women and girls, the campaign will work to: raise awareness about the conflict and the resulting widespread sexual violence against women and girls; cultivate and educate activists about the root causes of and solutions to the conflict; increase news coverage of the conflict in DR Congo, and; influence and change policy on DR Congo through promotion of the 3 Ps ? Peace, Protection, and Punishment ? plus Prevention.

The event will be October 28th at 4:30 in Sci Center 101.


Co-sponsored with Peace and Conflict Studies.

After Liberation Theology: Latin American Christianity and the Future

After Liberation Theology: Latin American Christianity and the Future

Ivan Petrella, University of Miami

One of the freshest voices in liberationist thought, Petrella is the author of The Future of Liberation Theology, and Beyond Liberation Theology. Utilizing legal theory, economics, and medical anthropology, Petrella has reinvigorated debates about culture, politics and religion.

In this talk, Petrella will map out liberation theology’s rise and fall after the end of the Cold War, and consider the prospects for a renewed role for radical Christianity in Latin America.

This Thursday, October 23rd, 4:30 Kohlberg Hall, Room 226.

Co-sponsored with Peace and Conflict Studies.

The Colombian Free Trade Agreement

Freddy CaicedoThe Colombian Free Trade Agreement

Freddy Caicedo

Monday, October 20th, 2008

7:00 pm

Scheuer Room at Kohlberg

Swarthmore College

With elections just around the corner, free trade has become one of the foremost concerns of the US public and the candidates hoping to represent us. Meanwhile, Congress is still considering a NAFTA-style

agreement with war-torn Colombia. Come hear Freddy Caicedo, a compelling Colombian human rights organizer, give an insider???? perspective on the trade deal.

Selling Democracy: Films of the Marshall Plan 1948-1953

Selling Democracy: Films of the Marshall Plan 1948-1953

Sandra Schulberg

Tues. Oct. 7, 4:15 PM

LPAC Cinema, Swarthmore College

Independent producer and project director Sandra Schulberg presents a program of recovered and restored films, a sampling of the 250 titles made under the aegis of the post-World War II European Recovery Program (ERP), known as “the Marshall Plan,” as part of its public information program. A chance to see rare archival films and to hear about this postwar use of film as a medium for social change, a project with relevance for our own moment. For more information see: http://www.sellingdemocracy.org/

Sandra Schulberg is a graduate of Swarthmore College. Her father Stuart Schulberg headed the Marshall Plan Motion Picture Section.

Presented by the Office of the President, The Program in Film and Media Studies and the Department of History with support from Department of Sociology/Anthropology and the Program in Peace and Conflict Studies. Followed by reception.