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Tavia Odinak ’09 presents MEAT GAME in Brooklyn

Meat Game is finally a reality!
I am so proud of this project, and would love to share it with you.
I will be presenting my work on:

June 15 & 16, 2012
8 PM

The Aldous Theater, Triskelion Arts
118 North 11 th Street, 3 rd Floor
Brooklyn, NY 11249

Tickets are $10 at the door,
but you may reserve your seats in advance
by emailing: .

Commemorative Dance for Lyndsley Wilkerson ’97

Commemorative Dance for Lyndsley Wilkerson ’97

This silent participatory dance is being offered to the ’97 and other alumni as a space to honor Lyndsley Wilkerson ’97 who passed away recently. Its an extended “moment of silence” but in movement. Be assured it’s a very simple dance anyone can do. Basically it’s a slow motion meltdown from standing (or sitting) to lying fully supported by the ground.

We aim to dance in the courtyard near the belltower if permitted, otherwise we will dance somewhere near the belltower. Come find us.

We are inviting people who are not physically at Swarthmore to do this dance at the same time to join in at the time we dance (between 1:30 and 2pm).You are also invited to dance at another time or more than once and share your experiences with us.

If you chose to do this, please document your participation, ie take a photo or write a little acount of your experience and share it with us.

These can be shared via the website in the “Upload your Memory” section by first sharing of a memory about Lyndsley or what inspired you to dance in her memory. Then add any other thoughts/reflections/ images of the dance. Instructions are on the site. We are dancing/moving at the same time that her family and friends are hosting a celebration her life in New Jersey. If you would like more details about this, contact: Erik Huneke at

Then we will have a map of the connections and acknowledgment of those lives she has touched and where that love and influence have rippled out all over the world.

We are also inviting other alumni to dance in honor of classmates/loved ones who have passed away, including Tara Schubert ’98.

For instructions of how to do the very simple silent dance,
please email Colleen Bartley ’96 :