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Window on the Work: Shavon Norris on March 1st, 4:30PM, Troy Dance Lab

Join us for a brief look at Shavon Norris’ current work, offered by the Swarthmore Project: Window on the Work on March 1st, 2011 in the Troy Dance Lab at 4:30PM.

Shavon Norris is an artist, educator and performer.  Originally from New York City, she received a BA from Manhattanville College where she majored in Biology and a Master of Fine Arts in dance from Temple University.  Shavon’s work has been presented at many venues and festivals on the East Coast. As a performer she has worked with a variety of artists including Swarthmore alums and professors, Jumatatu Poe and C. Kemal Nance.  Shavon teaches school age children to college students, locally and nationally.  Shavon’s artistic and educational philosophies are rooted in the desire to give herself, students, performers and audiences opportunities to deepen the understanding of self and the collective.  Shavon loves what she does.

Shavon was one of the Live Arts 8 and is also one of Philly’s most exciting up-and-coming choreographers, with a vision and process that reflects her inquisitive personality. Shavon is inspired by many different forms of dance as well as personal reflection, voyeurism, physical memory, recollection, and DNA.  Shavon is currently working on a project called The body in lines which offers a peek into dancers’ and choreographers’ ideas and relationships to bloodlines, the mirror and labels.


The Dance Program is holding its first annual POSTER ART CONTEST.  We are seeking visual representations of material relevant to Program’s philosophy of “global embodied social change”.   The question we ask is: How does dance cross cultural barriers, contexts, and disciplines?
Size: Finished artwork should be 11” x 17”.  Please use RGB, 300dpi if you send a digital image.  Emailed images should be less than 8MB compressed (JPG or PDF or Photoshop format) or you can drop off a final printed image or a CD/DVD of your artwork in LPAC 4 to Tara Webb, Arts Administrator for Theater and Dance (x8260 or

Parameters: Final submission can be a JPG, PDF, or Photoshop project (of a drawing, painting, photo, sculpture or 3D space), a digital graphic design, a screen-print, a typographic exploration, a collage, a drawing, a painting, a photo, a photo montage, or any combination of techniques or processes that exist or that you can invent for a printed announcement.  (For the sake of authenticity and copyright we’re requesting that all imagery be original or used with proper permission and that imagery does not violate any law or copyright, trademark, publicity or privacy right.)

One finalist will be chosen as the poster designer for the Student Dance Concert (April 29 and 30) and will receive a small honorarium.  ALL submitted materials will be considered for future posters and other Dance Program artwork (with the artists’ permissions). We would also like to invite all interested or participating students to sit in on any of our dance classes for inspirational or sketching purposes.  For more information, please contact Tara Webb ( at x8260.

ALL submissions will be displayed in the LPAC Lobby during Arts Weekend April 16 and 17, 2011 as part of a curated cross-disciplinary exhibition.

Posters will be judged based on clarity of concept (does not necessarily mean simplicity), composition and aesthetics (with hierarchy, typography, color, imagery, etc. considered).

You must include somewhere on the poster the following information (in no particular format):

The Department of Music and Dance

presents the 2011 Spring Student Dance Concert

featuring Ballet, Modern, Tap, African, Kathak, Flamenco

Friday, April 29th and Saturday, April 30th

LPAC Pearson Hall Theatre (Mainstage)

Free and Open to the Public

For more information contact Tara Webb at 610.328.8260 or

Deadline: Materials must be completed and submitted NO LATER THAN Wednesday, April 6th, 2011 at 5PM.