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COURTYARD DANCERS, directed by Prof. Pallabi Chakravorty, performs in Philadelphia on Sun, April 25

An evening of classical and contemporary Indian dance presented by the “Courtyard Dancers”

“Emo-Sketches” is a journey through the emotional landscapes of love, justice, humanism, and hope using Kathak dance, rhythm, poetry and gestures.

The concert will also feature Mohiniattam exponent from India Priyadarshini Ghosh Shome.

The performance showcase will culminate in a classical Indian dance workshop with the audience members. No prior knowledge of dance is necessary.

Date: April 25

Time: 7:00 PM

Venue: Mascher Studio, 155 Cecil B. Moore Ave., Philadelphia 19122.

$10, $8 w/ Dance Pass, $5 for students

For more information about the performance contact

About the company: Courtyard Dancers, a diverse body of performers, creates and stages contemporary Indian dance theater based on classical Indian and folk dance forms. Our mission is to explore through our works the interdependence between art, life, and labor. In this, we are interested in developing a socially engaged community of artists and audiences who experience art and culture both in political and aesthetics terms. We juxtapose the beauty of the classical forms with pedestrian movements, everyday gestures, utterances, and text to create our own collage of life. We draw on the expressive power of Indian dances to narrate stories of the under-represented and the marginal, the quotidian, and the mundane to evoke dramatic and powerful images of ordinary life. Through our dance theater, we strive for sustainable and pluralistic communities that can acknowledge and bridge differences.

Open Door Classes in the Dance Program April 14-16

Please join us for Open Door Classes in the Dance Program, Wednesday-Friday, April 14-16, in the dance studios on the ground floor of Lang Performing Arts Center.  These classes are meant to give current and prospective students a peak into Dance Program offerings.  Students and interested faculty and staff are welcome to take full classes, or stop by and watch for however long your schedule permits.  The schedule is as follows:

11:30AM – 1PM,    Yoga,    LPAC 2,    K. Arrow *
11:30AM – 1PM,    Ballet III,    LPAC 3,    J. Sherman *
1:15- 4PM,    Anatomy for  Performers,    LPAC 2,    S. Hess **
4:30- 6PM,    Modern I, LPAC 3,     K. Arrow *
4:30- 6PM,    Modern II, LPAC 2,    J. Poe *
6 – 7PM,  Tap,  LPAC 3,     L. Davis *
7 – 8:30 PM,    African Dance I,     LPAC 2,    J. Osayande *
8:30 – 10PM,   African Dance II,  LPAC 2,    K. Nance *

11:30AM – 1PM,    Ballet II,    LPAC 3,    J. Sherman *
11:30AM – 1PM,     Contact Improv,     LPAC 2,    L. Stein *
1:15 – 2:30PM,    Dancing Desire in Bollywood Films,    Lang Music Building 204,    P. Chakravorty **
3 – 4:30PM,     Ballet I,     LPAC 3,  J. Sherman *
4:30 – 6PM    ,    Kathak (Indian Dance),     LPAC 2,    P. Chakravorty *
4:30 – 6PM,    Modern III,     LPAC 3,    J. Poe *
6 – 9PM    ,    Kathak (Indian Dance) Repertory,     LPAC 2,    P. Chakravorty **

12:30-2PM, Modern Rep Laboratory, LPAC 3, J. Poe    **

2:15 – 5PM, Taiko, LPAC 2,    K. Arrow    **

*Open for participation or observation
**Open for observation only
We look forward to seeing you in class!  If you are planning to participate in a class, please contact the instructor about appropriate attire.

For more information contact Liza Henty-Clark at or (610) 328-8260.
For information about the Dance Program see our website:

MOCEAN, dance film by Prof. Kim Arrow, receives award from Earth Hour 2010 Film Festival

Kim Arrow’s videography MOCEAN received an award for the “Most Creative” category from films selected to be screened for Earth Hour 2010 on March 27th in Cairns, Australia.  Sponsors include World Wildlife Fund, Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority, Cairns Regional Council, and Ergon Energy.
Earth Hour was a global effort involving an estimated one billion people who came together with recognition of climate change by turning off their lights for one hour.
The award winning entries are now available to view on YouTube via the Earth Hour FNQ channel: