Monthly Archives: November 2008

Kim Arrow`s dance videographies will screen in Bangalore, India and Sao Carlos, Brazil in November, `08 and February, `09

Kim Arrow’s videography, Quasimodo in the Outback , will be screened on February 10th and 11th for the International Dance Film Festival, Attakkari India Biennial 2009 in Bangalore, India. Invited as a ‘delegate to Bangalore,’ he will participate in the week-long event.

Shot mostly in Australia, Quasimodo in the Outback is an allegorical journey–inspired by Australian Aboriginal imagery–whose ascent from within the earth, to the world, and return, seeks to find a relational space between subject, object, and place. Employing various modes of camera and production techniques, Quasimodo blurs the lines of subject embodiment in order to operate in a trans-cultural environment as a metaphor for sanctuary, warning, marginalization, and hope.

Arrow’s short ROOPER which premiered for Philadelphia’s international dance film festival Motion Pictures Festival-Shorts Blast Program last June, will screen November 22, 2008 for II São Carlos Videodance Festival, an international dance film festival in San Carlos, Brazil. ROOPER was shot in Australia in 2007 using power stilts and a mob of kangaroo.