Sound Stage Prototype an Opportunity for Theater Students

When three high schoolers in occupied Palestine stumble upon a mysterious cave, they find themselves propelled into a supernatural struggle for justice accompanied by a poetic punk-pop score. Across walls and checkpoints, these unlikely young heroes must take up their people’s fight for liberation and a long awaited return to their homeland.

Above is the log line for R3TURN, a Palestinian Punk-Pop Musical, recently produced by Fouad Dakwar ’22 and the Department of Theater.

Media design for the show is credited to Michael Nutt ’23, and was made possible (in part) by prototype production facilities including a green screen available in Beardsley Hall 101. This video was projected on stage, and the still photos offer a glimpse of its early production.

ITS is pleased to offer the new green screen, and we look forward to seeing its continued use in the Fall semester. Just add talent.