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LastPass password manager now available to all employees

If you struggle with managing all your passwords, use the same password on multiple sites, keep passwords in a file on your computer or on a piece of paper, need to share passwords with co-workers, or routinely deal with sensitive information on non-Swarthmore sites, you may want to consider using the LastPass password manager service.

We all have dozens of passwords and it can be a challenge to keep track of them and ensure that each password is high quality and unique. LastPass is a service that makes it easier to generate a different secure password for each site and fill in the password automatically when needed. ITS has purchased LastPass accounts for all employees. In addition to a work account, LastPass provides a free personal account for employees.

Get started with LastPass for employees

LastPass can:

  • automatically generate high quality, unique passwords
  • use a browser extension or phone app to autofill passwords in your browser or app
  • securely share passwords and other secure information with co-workers, making it easy to update a password as needed

Read more about Lastpass at Swarthmore.