MathType now available for everyone everywhere: Google Docs, Microsoft Office, and Moodle

Swarthmore ITS has just upgraded our MathType license to allow for easy equation creation by faculty and students using Microsoft Office, Google Docs, and Moodle.

MathType is an interactive equation editor that makes it simple to insert mathematical notation into documents. ChemType, a chemical editor, is also included in our subscription.

Example MathType equation
Example MathType equation

Handwriting Recognition

One of the notable new features of MathType is handwriting recognition. Draw math notation with a stylus or even your mouse and MathType will typeset your work. In our tests, we found the accuracy was good even with less than ideal handwriting.

Screenshot of MathType Handwriting Recognition Example
Handwriting Recognition Example

More Information

For more details and installation instructions, visit the MathType page on the ITS KnowledgeBase help site.