VoiceOver Simplified

VoiceOver is the screen-reader or text to speech tool that is built into Apple’s operating system. It will not work on the Windows operating system. Many use this tool to listen to email messages, content on websites, etc.

Note: when these resources reference the “VO” key, they mean command + option

Here are some simple commands to help you get started in using VoiceOver:

  • command + F5 turns VoiceOver on/off
  • tab navigates to an interactive element
  • ctrl + option + right arrow (repeatedly) navigates to the next element
  • ctrl + option + command + h (repeatedly) navigates by headings
  • explore VoiceOver’s rotor and quickly find links, headings, etc ctrl + option + u

When verifying with VoiceOver, use Chrome on a Mac for the best experience.

There are many other commands that are available.