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Grading Moodle Assignments with the Notability App

Did you know that you can use an app to help you annotate documents for grading? There is an app called Notability that we see faculty often use with their iPad Pros to help them annotate Moodle assignments for grading feedback. Notability is also a great note-taking app for both faculty and students and is available on iOS devices. A simple workflow for using Notability for grading would go something like this:

Sample Grading Workflow:

  1. Collect student work through a Moodle assignments
  2. On a computer, download all student files from Moodle in a zip file, unzip the file, and copy the files to Google Drive.
  3. On an iPad, open the Notability app, click the import button, select to import the files from Google Drive, and mark up as needed.  
  4. From Notability, export the modified file back to Google Drive.
  5. On a computer, zip all the marked-up files and upload back to Moodle

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Notability for Grading How To Video

For further instruction, take a look at our video to learn more about using Notability to grade Moodle assignments below. Also, be sure to reach out to with any questions.