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Office Hours Schedule Updates Coming

This summer, ITS will be updating the Office Hours Scheduler system.  The system allows anyone with a Swarthmore account to create a calendar, set up blocks of time, and allow users to sign up appointments within each block.  People have used the software to schedule faculty office hours, advising appointments, interview slots, presentation times, and lab sign ups.  The latest version of the software has a number of useful features including a new mobile friendly design, the ability to automatically add appointments to your Google Calendar, and equipment/facility scheduling.

The software is written by Princeton University’s ITS department and is used extensively at Princeton.  If you have any questions about the update, please get in touch at help@swarthmore.edu.

The Office Hours scheduler has lots of features and allows users to customize the way appointment signups work.  If you are just looking for a quick and simple way to set up appointments, Google Calendar has an Appointment Slots feature.  For more information, please visit the Use Google Calendar appointment slots help page.