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Teaching Remote as an Alternate Plan

In the past, in the case of inclement weather, we have set up Zoom Video Web-Conferencing as an alternate plan for remote teaching. In this case, you could simply send out a Zoom web-conference link to students and they could view it as a group or individually. You could even integrate Zoom in your Moodle course!

What is Zoom?

Zoom is an easy to use video web-conferencing solution that provides both video conferencing and screen-sharing capabilities. All Swarthmore faculty, staff, and students have access to Zoom— just go to Sign in with your Swarthmore College username and password. All faculty, staff, and students start off with a “Basic” account that allows you to have a conference call for 40 minutes. If you need a call longer than 40 minutes, we can set up a “Pro” account for you which allows for unlimited minutes. You can reach out to Media Services ahead of time if you’d like request a Pro account.

Zoom Moodle Integration

Zoom can now be integrated into your Moodle course. This allows your students to be able to see which week you may have a Zoom meeting scheduled. By adding the “Zoom Meeting” activity you can simply add Zoom to any Moodle section. Learn more by clicking the link below.

Zoom Meeting Integration with Moodle

Examples of Using Zoom

You can read more about how we’ve used Zoom for remote teaching in the past from a previous post by John Word of the Language and Media Centers, Zoom Video Conference for Remote Teaching. If you’re interested in setting up Zoom for your class please email us at You can also learn more about Zoom from our Help links below.

Getting Started with Zoom

Zoom Participant’s Guide

Zoom Audio and Video Settings