Computer with online survey

New Tools for Easier Course Evaluations

Last year, ITS purchased EvaluationKIT, a course evaluation software system.  Designed from the start for higher education course evaluations, EvaluationKIT makes it easier to design, distribute, and generate reports for course evaluations.  It is possible to:

  • Keep track of response rates and email automatic reminders
  • Restrict faculty access to the results until after grades are due
  • Create custom reports with the data you want to see
  • Automatically import student names from Moodle or a file upload
  • Use a single survey to collect data on two instructors while keeping the responses private to each faculty member

Because it does take some time to learn and set up, EvaluationKIT is a good fit for departments or groups of faculty that use a similar survey for multiple courses.  We have plenty of other options for course evaluations, include Moodle questionnaires and other online survey software.

If you are interested in learning more about all the options for online course evaluations, check out the Course Evaluations page on our help site and then get in touch with your Academic Technologist for more information.