Language Center Hosts Gaming Day Study Break

Come take a study break and let off steam at the 2017 Language and Media Center Gaming Day Event! This year the LMC will transform into a gaming den with a large collection of gaming emulators and consoles and a large screen dance and music game! We’ll also have a screen set up to play Jak3, a personal favorite game of Sam Jenkins.

So how do I participate?
No need to sign-up! Drop in anytime between 10-3PM on Tuesday, May 2nd in Kohlberg 326 (3rd floor).

What if I want to bring a game?
There will be plenty of space in the lab and additional rooms to accommodate any game that you may want to bring; All you need to bring are the pieces and board to play. We’ll have open tables to set-up your game, or you can walk around and start playing! LMC staff will be able to assist if you need help finding space or players.

How totally awesome is this going to get?
We’ll have:

  • Video games from the classic home entertainment system era!
  • Modern multiplayer online games!
  • Single player adventure games!
  • Strategy games!
  • Board games!
  • Puzzles!
  • Snacks!
  • Arcade sounds!

For any questions contact and we’ll see YOU at LMCGDE17!

*Okay, maybe not arm wrestling. Please take all feats of strength outside.