What’s New in Classroom AV for Fall 2016

The Media Services team in ITS has been busy making improvements to classrooms this summer. In addition to our usual upgrades to projectors and lectern computers, we’re announcing a few major new services that will be of interest to many of you.

Apple TV

Over 30 Apple TV’s have been installed in classrooms and seminar rooms in Kohlberg, Trotter, and the Science Center. These devices allow anyone with a recent Apple device (including Mac, iPhone, and iPad) to project to the screen wirelessly.  This can be useful to reduce the time to get set up for a class, to project from anywhere in the classroom, and to allow students to share their work with the entire class.

Panopto Lecture Capture

The Panopto lecture capture system has been expanded to over 40 classrooms.  This system includes a program on the classroom computer and a set of microphones along the teaching space.  Faculty can record classroom lectures including audio, the computer’s video, and optionally the video from the computer’s webcam.  The recording can be saved and shared with students in Moodle.

Special Installations

Media Services performed two special installations this summer.  A projection system was installed in the McCabe atrium adjacent to the circulation desk.  This setup will be used for special events.

Two Art classrooms in Beardsley received 4K ultra-high definition displays.  These displays are optimized to show artwork in the detail and fidelity required for Art and Art History classes.

New Items for Checkout

We have several new items now available for short-term checkout:

  • iPad Pros and Pencils: These large-format iPad’s come with the Apple Pencil stylus and are useful for doing electronic grading, wireless projection (in conjunction with an Apple TV),  and creating materials for flipped instruction classes.  We also have an iPad cart with 20 iPad Minis for classroom activities.
  • Oculus Rift: A virtual reality headset that can be used to transport you to an alternate reality
  • Chromebooks: Now that we have transitioned to Gmail and Google services, using a Chromebook makes it easy to check your mail, access your files, and work on your documents.  While they are more limited than a standard laptop, they are fast and have great battery life.