Turnitin + Moodle = Elegant

Working with Moodle and Turnitin.com just got really easy here at Swarthmore.

ITS recently completed a project to fully integrate the Turnitin.com service with Moodle.  Turnitin can support you with grading, grammar, plagiarism checking, and peer review services.  It is now possible to create an assignment in Moodle and have student papers automatically submitted to Turnitin.com.

Turnitin can be used to detect similarities in content to websites, journal articles, or other student papers, and can be used to do online grading, including voice annotations.  In addition, Turnitin can automatically assign student papers for peer review.  Peer review can be done anonymously, if desired.

Here are some ways you could use Turnitin at Swarthmore:

  • Give students anonymous peer review by automatically assigning their paper to three other students in the class and asking for feedback.
  • Allow students to submit draft papers to Turnitin to educate students about plagiarism.
  • Grade papers using drag-and-drop annotations for frequently-used comments.  Add a summary response using text or voice.

To use plagiarism checking with grading and peer-review features, add the Turnitin Assignment activity to your Moodle course.  If you are just interested in plagiarism checking, you can add a Turnitin component to the standard Moodle assignment activity.

Instructions are available from the TurnItIn website: Turnitin Moodle Direct Integration Instructor User Manual

If you have any questions about using the new service, please contact your Academic Technologist: Michael Kappeler (mkappel1, x6130), Andrew Ruether (aruethe2, x8254), or Doug Willen (dwillen1, x7787).