Libraries and ITS announce recipients of 2014 SPEED program support

The Swarthmore College Libraries and ITS are pleased to announce the selections for this year’s Special Projects for Educational Exploration & Development (SPEED) program. Swarthmore faculty and staff submitted an exciting and innovate pool of proposals, from which nine were selected.

Deb Bergstrand, Graphics, animation, and 3D-printed education resource (GA3DER)
Michael Brown with Adam Neat, Physics pre-lab instructional videos
Sibelan Forrester, Comparing translations of a Russian poem
Milton Machuca, Seeing Latino Migration to the USA
Thomas Morton, Digital Rome: visualizing ancient Roman urban design
Josh Newby, Kathleen Howard, and Ginger Heck, Enhancing chemistry labs with digital video
Lee Smithey, The Mural Mapping Project
Amy Vollmer, Flipping microbiology
Matt Zucker, Video for “flipped” instruction of E19 – Numerical Methods

Congratulations to our proposers. Our staff and student interns are excited to get another summer of productive collaboration underway.


The SPEED program facilitates the creation of digital resources that enhance teaching, learning, and undergraduate research. SPEED projects receive dedicated support from teams of software developers, librarians, academic technologists, and student interns for a concentrated, eight-week period of development during summer. (For more information, visit

SPEED takes on a wide variety of projects, but they all meet three critical criteria:

  • a clear focus on enhancing undergraduate learning.
  • a scope that can be completed within eight weeks.
  • a plan to be put into use in the 2014-15 academic year.