Swarthmore’s Software Revision Control System available to Faculty, Staff, and Students

Are you working on a project that involves software development?  You may be interested in Swarthmore’s software revision control system.  Called gForge, this service is now available to the Swarthmore community.

The biggest reason to use gForge is its revision control features.  It provides a Subversion (SVN) repository for each project that you can use to control the revision levels of your software.  Instead of relying on renaming files to indicate versions, you and any collaborators can always have the latest version of your software handy while also keeping every revision from the very beginning of your project.

gForge also provides a bug tracker, task manager, document manager, forums, mailing lists, and a wiki for your project.  It is easy to get started – you can log in with your network username and password and request that a new project be set up right from the front page.

To learn more or to start using Swarthmore’s gForge, contact Andrew Ruether at aruethe2@swarthmore.edu or x8254.