K116 – Exploring elements of a next generation classroom

In partnership with the Registrar, Provost’s office and Facilities, ITS spent the summer examining how to better support teaching in a next generation classroom. We selected Kohlberg 116, a relatively unloved classroom full of heavy tablet arm chairs that were … Continue reading K116 – Exploring elements of a next generation classroom

Beardsley Media Center Refresh

The Beardsley Media Center is going to close for about 4 weeks starting July 14th for some construction and improvements. We plan to replace the rug, paint and open up the space by taking down a wall. Most equipment and services will temporarily shift to the Language Center in Kohlberg 326. If you have questions or were planning on using the Media Center please contact us at lmc@swarthmore.edu, or at 610.326.8036. We look forward to welcoming you to the refreshed Media Center in mid-August. Continue reading Beardsley Media Center Refresh

LACOL Language Hack-a-thon @ Language Center

LACOL’s Language Instruction working group will hold a 3-day intensive workshop (also known as a hack­-a­-thon) to prototype a shared online diagnostic and refresher framework. The face-to-face event is being organized by Mike Jones, Director of the Language Resource Center and Media Lab at Swarthmore College, guided by a core team of faculty and language technologists at the participating institutions.  For more information… Continue reading LACOL Language Hack-a-thon @ Language Center

Data Visualization and Projection

Data visualization involves the presentation of data in a pictorial or graphical format that engages the viewer with information. These visualizations can then be printed, displayed, or projected into spaces to make difficult concepts easier to grasp, reveal patterns that would otherwise be opaque, or provide alternative interpretations of information. They can be used artistically, theatrically or informationally and can change the way people inhabit space. Interactive visualizations may respond to user inputs, or live data feeds and take the concept a step further by allowing you to drill down into charts and graphs for more detail, changing what data … Continue reading Data Visualization and Projection