idea lab

Book the IdeaLab for Your Next Project

The IdeaLab (Beardsley 101) is a new space designed for collaboration and experimentation. Explore virtual reality and media technology including OculusVR and a small green screen soundstage. Take a moment to relax with video games. Try your hand at flight simulation. Book the room for a film or photo shoot. Or simply make use of the comfortable furniture for your next brainstorming session. Whatever your project may be, we welcome you to the space.

If you’re interested in VR or the flight simulator, please reach out to for a brief overview of either system. We’re also happy to provide an orientation to the green screen, as well as lessons on shooting technique and image editing in Photoshop, Premiere, and AfterEffects.

Doors are unlocked from 9am-4:30pm M-F. After hours access is available until 11pm and will be granted via OneCard if the room is booked at least 24 hours in advance. We ask that you please keep the space clean and organized, and that you clean up any food before leaving.