Intrepid explorer on an odyssey in a sailing ship, include mist and a dragon along with an iPad

Embarking on a Digital Odyssey: Swarthmore ITS Unveils a New Knowledge Base Help Site

In a quest to bridge the gap between cutting-edge technology and academic excellence, Swarthmore College’s Information Technology Services (ITS) team has embarked on a thrilling digital odyssey. Last month, we charted new territory by transitioning our Knowledge Base (KB) help documentation to an innovative new platform, setting sail towards uncharted realms of efficiency and user engagement.

Discover the New Knowledge Base Portal: Your Gateway to Infinite Wisdom

The new KB space, now housed at, emerges as a beacon of knowledge in the vast digital ocean. Fear not, navigators of the information sea, for those accustomed to the familiar shores of will find that this address still points true north, guiding you to our KB with ease.

A Revamped Realm of Resources

While the essence of our content remains a constant star in our galaxy, the move to a new host has allowed us to embark on a grand renovation of our digital domain. With a fresh theme and a reimagined organization of our landing pages, we’ve crafted a user experience that is not only visually appealing but also streamlined for your exploratory needs.

Swarthmore ITS Knowledge Base main  page

Join the Voyage of Continuous Improvement

At Swarthmore ITS, our mission is to voyage beyond the horizons of traditional IT support, continually seeking new ways to empower our academic adventurers. Your feedback is the compass that guides our journey. Should you encounter any mystifying mists or digital dragons along your path, we encourage you to chart a course to our ITS Service Portal at Here, you can signal your insights and recommendations, becoming an integral part of our ongoing expedition to enhance the way we navigate the vast knowledge landscape.

Your Journey Begins Now

As we sail forward into this new era of digital exploration, we invite every scholar, educator, and digital explorer at Swarthmore College to join us in this grand adventure. Together, let’s discover the untold possibilities that lie within our newly enhanced Knowledge Base help site. The future of academic IT support is not just about reaching destinations—it’s about the journey we embark on together, and the wonders we discover along the way.

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