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Goodbye AODocs, Hello Google Shared Drives!

We would like to keep you informed as we change the way shared file storage will be managed at Swarthmore. Google Shared Drives, an updated offering from Google, will make managing files simpler, faster, and easier for all. All new shared file spaces will be created in Google Shared Drives, and we will be helping individual departments, labs and other groups that use existing AODocs mediated Google Drive shared file storage to transition to the new system. With the improvements Google has made to Google Shared Drives, we will be letting go of our use of AODocs to manage shared Google drive spaces for departments, labs and groups. We believe that this will lead to faster file actions, and an overall better experience for our community.

AODocs has been a tremendously useful tool for the College to help us manage files in shared Google Drive spaces while Google developed its own solutions. Until recently, Google’s tools couldn’t adequately help us manage shared content. Now that Google’s native solutions have matured, we feel comfortable making this move.

If you are a current AODocs user, there is no action you need to take. We have already started moving shared file spaces. We will be in touch with all of the departments and groups on campus that currently utilize AODocs mediated Google Drive spaces to help guide you through the transition this Spring.

If you are not a current AODocs user, if you’re unsure, or if you think you might need a shared online file space in the upcoming months during the transition, we welcome your questions via our Service Portal (

We anticipate discontinuing the use of AODocs and completing the transition to Google Shared Drives by the end of May, 2023.

The new Google Shared Drive spaces will specifically solve a couple of the most common issues we’ve heard from you about AODocs:

  1. If the owner of the shared space graduates or leaves the College, there won’t be the possibility of the shared files landing in a limbo space.
  2. The removal/deletion process of files will be more streamlined, straightforward, and quicker. And deleted files won’t come back!

As we work through this transition, we remain ready to listen and answer questions, and we will work alongside you to assure the process is as smooth as possible.