A sign promotes the Language & Media Centers PODCAST STUDIO, For help getting started visit: www.rode.com/interfaces-mixers/rodecaster-pro/learning-hub For questions email: lmc@swarthmore.edu. An audio mixer and heqadphones rest on the table next to the sign.

Podcast Studio debuting in Martin Hall

New this fall semester, the Language and Media Centers are debuting a Podcast Studio in Martin Hall 218. This space will feature a Rodecaster audio mixer, 4 microphones and headphones, and a computer to record and edit your podcasts or conversational recordings through Adobe Audition, Garageband, or Audacity. You also have the option to bring an SD card to save your recordings to and edit on your own computer or at the Language and Media Centers.

The Podcast Studio is currently available by appointment only. For questions regarding access to the Podcast Studio, resources in the space and help, email lmc@swarthmore.edu.

For questions regarding project development or use in your academic courses, email acadtech@swarthmore.edu, and visit our guide on creating a podcast assignment.

For help getting started visit:

A brown table with 4 microphones and headphones on articulating arms, a laptop and audio mixer sit on the table. A display sign announces "Podcast Studio".
An audio mixer, with an array of sliding knobs and buttons.
A microphone with a small windscreen in front of it.