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Common AppStream Solutions

A number of people have reported trouble using AppStream. The most common issues have been related to Google Drive connections. Follow the advice below to improve your experience with the platform.

  • Make sure you connect to Google Drive properly when using AppStream for the first time. Follow these instructions carefully, and sign in with your Swarthmore credentials.
  • Understand that the process above is akin to plugging in an external hard drive or a USB stick. Using Google Drive on AppStream is very different from using it on your own computer. Rather than accessing GDrive files through a web browser, look for a “Google Drive” folder under “This PC” on the AppStream desktop.
  • Note that changes made to Google Drive through the web browser on your computer will be reflected in the “Google Drive” folder on AppStream, and vice versa.
  • The best workflow for file management is:
    1. first upload files to Google Drive through your personal computer’s web browser (do not use Internet Explorer on AppStream)
    2. then use the file browser in your AppStream software (Premiere, Photoshop, ArcGIS, etc. to locate those files in the “Google Drive” folder under “This PC.” You’ll typically choose File… Open… or File… Import… from the main menu bar.
  • Be aware that you’ll need to sign in to Adobe products using your Swarthmore login. Always select “Continue with Google” when able, and always choose “Enterprise ID; Company or school account” when prompted.
  • Be patient as AppStream loads your application settings. It can take up to five minutes.