Little Ways to Make Things Easier

Here’s something you might not have known:

For the past 3+ years we’ve been tweeting out little ways to make your digital life easier, especially focusing on often-used software tools here at Swarthmore.  You don’t need to be a Twitter user to see these, either — you can read them right on our ITS front page or on our @SwarthmoreITS Twitter page.

On Tuesdays at noon (Eastern) we usually tweet out tips (some recent ones include a cybersecurity phishing quiz and a browser-checking tool to keep your browser(s) and plugins up-to-date easily.  On Wednesdays at noon (Eastern) we usually tweet short Lynda videos — sometimes with more work-y how-to tips (think: commenting in Google Docs) and sometimes with smartphone tricks (think: Time Zone Support in iOS).

Want to see your suggestion featured?  Email jprice1 {at} swarthmore {dot} edu and keep an eye out for your tip!