Image of a green recycling bin containing electronic recycling

Swarthmore College’s SPRING E-Waste Collection Event

Do you have old non-reusable electronics you’re unsure how to dispose of sustainably? You can now recycle them without leaving campus!

In partnership with People Advancing Reintegration Recycle Works (PAR), we’re announcing Swarthmore’s Second E-Waste Collection Event, now open to Swarthmore staff, faculty, AND students!

When: Thursday, May 9th, from 10 am to 2 pm 

Where: West Field House Lane Parking Lot – across from the Matchbox, behind Printing Services and Auxiliary Services buildings, see map image attached [Google Maps coordinates]

Sign-up is required: Please sign up and provide information on the items you intend to bring to the collection event. 

What should I know before bringing my items to be recycled?

  • ATTENTION: while most items are free of charge, some specific devices have a cost to ensure they are properly recycled. If you wish to recycle a device like this, please bring cash or a check to pay for its recycling on-site. For more details on what devices CAN be recycled and what items are CHARGED for, please refer to this (not exhaustive) document: PAR recycling allowed devices.
  • For ITS-provided and College-owned devices, please check in with ITS before bringing an item to the collection event. Devices on the computer replacement cycle should not be brought to the collection event. If you’re not sure whether your device is on the replacement cycle, please visit to enter a support request to confirm. Please include the serial number.
  • Please note: All data should be wiped from any device with a hard drive. You can find the instructions on data wiping for an iPhoneAndroidMaciOS, and Windows. Apple Device users: please remember to sign out of iCloud or iTunes before wiping your device. PAR wipes hard drives as part of their deconstruction process; however, it is College policy to ensure hard drives are wiped before disposal. It is the employee’s responsibility to wipe the data off any hard drive before bringing their device to the event. 

About PAR

PAR is a local not-for-profit company that hires formerly-incarcerated people to help recycle used electronics. Their mission is two-fold: working to restore lives by providing job training and transitional paid employment in a supportive environment while simultaneously protecting the planet and assuring that e-waste is repurposed instead of being thrown away. 

PAR collects all computer equipment, printers, scanners, tablets, cell phones, telephones, keyboards, speakers, gaming systems, fax machines, DVD players, VCRs, chargers, and small appliances.

PAR is a first-level processing center for used electronics. Their workers deconstruct the items received and separate them into their major components. When necessary, they erase all data from hard drives before selling components to environmentally responsible downstream processors.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation with this exciting event! Happy recycling!