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Unleash the Full Potential of Your Moodle Course: Exploring the Activity Completion Feature

Moodle offers a useful tool called Activity Completion, which professors can use to establish completion requirements for student activities. This feature ensures that students are aware of the tasks they need to accomplish and allows instructors to determine conditions for releasing course content. By using Activity Completion, professors can provide students with a comprehensive checklist for completing all the activities within the course.

Example uses for Moodle activity completion

  • Show students a list of the activities required to complete the course with completion either manually or automatically marked.
  • Automatically grant permissions for students to view homework solutions after submitting their assignment.
  • Make content available to students if their grade on an assessment is above or below a threshold.
  • Require students to complete a pre-lab quiz before revealing the lab assignment
  • Require students to pass a syllabus quiz before revealing the first week’s assignment.

Moodle course example

A Moodle course with activity completion enabled for different types of activities
Sample screenshot of a Moodle course with activity completion enabled for different types of activities. Note the completion requirements to the right on each activity and the restriction on the Homework #1 Solutions file.

3 minute video on setting up Moodle Activity Completion

Status and Reporting

Students can see their completion status next to each activity

Instructors can also add the Course Completion Status block to the page so students can get a course-wide summary of their completion status. Clicking the “More details” link lists the completion status for each activity.

More information

Moodle’s Activity Completion Help Docs

Feel free to get in touch with your Academic Technology for more information on how to use this and other Moodle features.