Blue piece of paper with an orange marker and 5 check marked boxes to the side

End of the Year Moodle Checklist

As we are wrapping up the end of the semester, below is a checklist of items to consider as we near the end of the course term.

Check your Moodle gradebook visibility

By default, students cannot see the Moodle gradebook. If you are using the gradebook and would like your students to be able to view their grades, use the link below to make sure it is visible to students.

Export grades

If you would like to export your grades for future reference or record keeping, you can export the gradebook to an Excel spreadsheet.

Hide your course from students

In order to protect copy-written material, the end of the semester is a good time to hide your course from student view. Follow the steps from the link below to hide your Moodle course from students.

Check out your Moodle courses for next semester

Spring 2022 Moodle course pages are now available. This could be a good time for you to begin setting up your Moodle page for next semester. Below are some ways you can begin to layout your Moodle course for next year.

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