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What Will Student Engagement Look Like When We Return To Campus?

Like many institutions across the nation, we too will be returning to campus starting fall of 2021. Although the past year was filled with ups and downs, we saw amazing innovations in teaching and learning. Many of us are discussing and reflecting on the practices that we’d like to keep as we transition back to the classroom.

One of the good things that came out of the pandemic was the fact that we got to see students in a more holistic manner. The circumstance of remote learning allowed us to take a more compassionate and inclusive approach to creating learning environments for students. As we transition back to campus, how might we continue the practice of supporting the whole student?

This is still uncharted territory as many of our lives have changed over the past year. We have no idea how the effects of the pandemic may show up as we return back to campus. We may not have all the answers just yet, however, I came across an interesting podcast called EDUCAUSE Exchange produced by the professional organization, EDUCAUSE that discusses how 5 different schools have continued to motive students and keep them engaged throughout the pandemic. There are a lot of really exciting ideas that can be translated to in-person activities as well. Feel free to take a listen below.

Techniques for Student Engagement

Authors: Tom CavanaghShannon DunnLisa ForbesKathe PelletierRenee Pfeifer-Luckett, and David Thomas: EDUCAUSE Exchange

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