Text in the image: "Security is only as strong as its weakest paladin."

October is Cyber Security Awareness Month

It’s the beginning of October, and you know what that means – Cyber Security Awareness Month! Cyber security can be an overwhelming and sometimes scary subject. We want to help make it easier to learn more about keeping your devices and data safe – especially if you are working or learning remotely.

ITS will be sharing resources and tips throughout the month for our community. One of those resources includes a newly updated video learning platform available to all faculty and staff, which is geared specifically towards cyber security. Examples of the topics covered include phishing, securing home network devices, safe web browsing, mobile device security, and more. Most videos are under five minutes!

A series called WORKed is also included on the learning platform. These videos provide an amusing introduction to various cyber security topics. All of the current WORKed episodes have been collected in a course on the main page of the learning platform. Be sure to check them out.

You can go to swarthmore.edu/safeonline and log in with your Swarthmore username and password. Once logged in you will see courses that have been curated by ITS as well as some additional suggested videos. We will be highlighting some of these videos throughout the month, alongside other resources that are available to the whole community.

Here is a subset of current resources available for our community to use, including information on a computer backup system Swarthmore provides for all college-issued computers: