Screen Capture, Annotation & Video Slideshows Made Easy

Lots of folks have been looking for easy ways to create screen captures and quickly edit videos. Here’s a short list of software to help accomplish those tasks.

Still Screen Capture and Annotation
Grab aka Screenshot – The name varies depending on your operating system, but this small app should be included on all Macs. A simple, straightforward program for snapping screenshots.

Snagit – A third party screen capture software available for both PC and Mac. Snagit is primarily for capturing screenshots, but has some video capture and editing ability. Swarthmore has ten licenses available. Email the helpdesk to request access. SnagIt is also free until the end of June

Video Screen Capture and Editing
QuickTime Player – QuickTime is included on all Macintosh computers. From the File menu, you can create a “new movie recording” (using your built-in webcam, or an external webcam) a “new audio recording” (using built in or external mics) or a “new screen recording.” QuickTime Player also includes rudimentary editing tools, available from the Edit menu. These include “Split Clip” “Add Clip to End…” “Trim…”

Camtasia – Available for both Mac and PC. Camtasia is a screen capture tool that doubles as a video editor.

Adobe Creative Cloud Express – An online platform for creating infographics and videos. Express will enable you to quickly assemble video clips with no editing experience. Log in using your Swarthmore credentials and be sure to select “Enterprise ID” if prompted.

Adobe Premiere – Professional grade video editing – limitless possibilities with a somewhat steeper learning curve. Reach out to schedule a lesson.