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Remote Assessments of Student Learning

Because of the change to remote teaching and learning, many course assessments have to be modified. There are a variety of ways to assign and grade student work when working online.


ITS has a help page on administering Remote Exams with a collection of recommendations from other schools and links to resources for administering online exams at Swarthmore.


Using the Moodle Assignment activity is good to way to assign, collect, and grade student papers. For more information, see our help page on setting up an assignment in Moodle. It possible to grade the assignments within Moodle or download to your computer or tablet.

New for this semester is the ability to create Google Docs assignments within Moodle, which are useful if you prefer providing feedback in a Google Doc or for facilitating revisions.

Video Assessments

For courses that require a video assessment, Swarthmore’s Panopto video service allows students to upload video assignments. This can be useful when students are create large video files that are too big for upload to Moodle. Panopto allows for total control over viewing permissions and may be a better choice than services such as YouTube for content that needs to be kept private.


There are a variety of tools to facilitate remote presentations. Zoom can be used for synchronous talks, Panopto or YouTube for recorded presentations, and Adobe InDesign (free until the end of May) for posters.

Get in touch

The Academic Technology group is here to help with your questions. Please let us know what we can do to help with student assessments or other remote teaching questions. Reach out to with your ideas, concerns, and queries.