New SPSS License: more features, lower cost!

We are pleased to be able to announce that by working with a 3rd party software vendor, Crayon, we are now able to offer SPSS, and all of the modules that come with a premium license for installation on any College owned computer, for teaching or academic research purposes, for roughly two-thirds the cost of our previous licenses. The new license is already in place and will not entail changes for any users that have SPSS currently installed, except that many new features should already now be unlocked for your installation.

The newly available modules include the following:

  • Regression
  • Advanced Statistics
  • Exact Tests
  • Categories
  • Missing Values
  • Conjoint
  • Custom Tables
  • Complex Samples
  • Decision Trees
  • Data Preparation
  • Forecasting
  • Neural Networks
  • Direct Marketing
  • Bootstrapping

In addition to the greater functionality of all of the modules of a premium license, we now have access to much better support through our new vendor. While IBM had been cutting back all SPSS support to the point that their response to questions was to post on the SPSS Community Forums (still available, btw), because they no longer provide any support for the product (and many of their former engineers still monitor and respond on the forums), our new vendor provides much more extensive and direct support for our questions. All of this is available from a vendor that much more clearly understands the academic environment and our licensing needs at a significant savings over what had been one of the most expensive products we license for the number of users who use it.

Looking to the future, we will also be able to have quicker access to newer versions and the vendor has agreed to keep this price for several years at a time. As we’re currently on version 24 of SPSS deployed around the campus, please anticipate that we’ll need to update to version 26 during the Summer 2020 break.