Refined Instructions, Streamlined Printing

The Media Center features new print presets installed on all Mac computers, as well as updated instructions for printing large format posters. Posters can be printed from Macs using Adobe Acrobat and InDesign, Microsoft Powerpoint, and Google Slides. Printing from Dell PCs should be done using InDesign or Acrobat. Click the links above for instructions specific to each operating system and program.

Our instructions and presets are designed to require the fewest steps possible for printing standard posters (48″ width by 35″ height). Typically, printing is as simple as clicking File>Print… and then selecting printer option “B” on a Mac (or the option labeled MCEpsonDoubleWeightMatte36 on Dells). Non-standard posters should be printed from Adobe Acrobat. Acrobat instructions can be adapted to accommodate smaller or larger posters by paying attention to special notes on each instruction sheet.

We hope these presets and instructions will be be helpful and convenient for all self-service printing. Faculty and staff have 24-hour access to the media center, and printing is free when posters are for a valid academic purpose. Advertisements for campus events and fliers for student organizations should be sent to print services along with a budget code for your department or student organization.