Buzz Aldrin on the lunar surface

Apollo 11 VR Experience in the Language Center

With the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing approaching take the opportunity to experience the mission though VR in the Language Center. Our Oculus station contains the Apollo 11 VR Experience application which provides the ability to actively or passively enjoy each stage of the mission riding along with Neil Armstrong, Michael Collins, and Buzz Aldrin. Scale and space is one of the first things you will notice within the app. Standing on the launch platform at Kennedy Space Center’s Launch Complex alongside the Saturn V rocket it is hard not to feel the impressive scale of your environment and the mission ahead of you. Once you enter the Columbia the tight confines of the command module compress your space as you sit alongside the other astronauts during the last minutes of the countdown to launch. It’s not until you leave Earth your sense of scale and space is again heightened by your relative position between the moon and the Earth as you travel between them. You can take control of the command module, pilot the lunar lander to the Moon’s surface, explore the surface of the Moon, conduct lunar surface operations, lift off from moon and return to earth. Each stage of the mission is accompanied with sound clips from the Apollo 11 astronauts providing unique perspectives on the challenges they faced and what it felt like to experience this remarkable feat of human ingenuity and teamwork. Stop by the Language Center (Kohlberg 326) or email to schedule a time to experience the Apollo 11 mission through virtual reality.