Sneak Peek: Lynda Insights

Since late summer 2013, Swarthmore users have had access to the entire library of videos (found at  During that time, we’ve had 1284 users watch 47,272 videos for a total of 3397 hours.  Are you missing out?

At the time of this post, there are 5755 courses totalling 212,653 video tutorials available, on topics ranging from Gmail to mindfulness to Amazon Web Services to how to play rock guitar.  But what courses and video are most popular?

Looking at the 2016-2017 school year, the top five courses are:

Premiere Pro CC Essential Training (2015)

Revit Structure 2016 Essential Training

Java Essential Training

Revit 2017: Essential Training for Structure

Affinity Photo Essential Training


And the top five videos actually come from the same course, Learning Premiere Pro CC (2015):

Importing and organizing media

Basic editing

Selecting shots

Adding B-roll to your interviews

Launching Premiere Pro and touring the interface

We’ll check back with some more in depth info here on the blog, if you’re interested.   Be sure to let us know if there are particular stats you like to know, and we’ll see if we can dig them up for you.  jprice1 {at} swarthmore {dot} edu