Print Release Station in McCabe

At SusCom’s and Earthlust’s suggestion, and with Library assistance, Information Technology Services is going to pilot a print release station with McCabe’s first floor printers from Tuesday March 15th to Thursday March 17th.

Any print jobs sent to the McCabe_Public queue for the pilot period will need to be “released” at a computer next to the printers before they process. By ensuring patrons are at the printers when they choose to release their job we hope to cut down on unclaimed printouts in the library. For our pilot period, unclaimed print jobs will be removed from the queue after 30 minutes. Other schools have found that implementing printing management programs reduces paper use by 20-40%.

Some recent stats:
The McCabe 1st floor printers have printed 486,744 pages so far this semester (January 17th-March 4th)
Environmental impact:
Trees: 6.04 trees since January 17th
Carbon: 2,190.3 kg of carbon dioxide since January 17th
Energy: Equivalent to running a 60W bulb for 97,348.8 hours

We’d like your feedback about this initiative, feel free to let us know what you think by completing the following survey!

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